You can rent the Slot Car Cave track for many occasions. Give us a call to discuss what your needs are and let’s see what we can do for you. $50.00 non-refundable deposit required for booking.

Here are a few examples.
Birthday Parties:

    Silver Package includes: Eight cars for 2 hours. $200.00
        1 Hour Racing & 1 Hour on the Party Deck
    Gold Package includes: Eight cars for 2 hours with 2 large pizza's and 8 drinks. $225.00
         1 Hour Racing & 1 Hour on the Party Deck
         Additional Pizzas are $10. That includes 8 slices and 4 drinks.

        At the Slot Car Cave we don't require you to have an exact number of party guests. Once you see how many show up we can go from there. We recommend a number of racers between 10-16. This can be adults as well as the kids. We can work with more for an additional $5 per racer over 16.
    Please note we use teen party hosts. When they provide great service, gratuity is appreciated.

Full Track Rental 2 hour minimum:

    Exclusive full track rental without cars. $75.00 per hour.
    Need cars? $100.00 per hour includes eight cars.

     We do offer standard lane rental on “Test & Tune” nights. See the events page for more information.  Do you want to host your own race night? You can setup the class you, and your group want to race. Give us a call and we can schedule your event.

Click the “Pay Now” button to book your party.


Have your party at the cave “The Slot Car Cave”

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Disclaimer: Race track is not really inside of a cave. Just fancy photo shop work :)