On Thursday nights.

1000’ Drag Strip
6-8 Practice.  With your own cars.
8pm Bracket race. $2 per entry, $1 Buy Back, $1 Light Money. 8 Car Max (double entry allowed)
Rental drag cars are available to race for $5.

220’ Road Course
6pm we have Test & Tune till 10pm.
Thursday is a great night to come out with the family and play with the rental cars.

Rental Car, Controller, and Lane time is only $3 per 15 Minute block, or buy a 1 Hour (4 blocks of 15 minute sessions) card for only $10 that can be used at any time Rental cars are allowed.

Lane Rental using your own car and controller, $2 for 15 minutes, or $5 for a 1 Hour card

On Saturday nights.

220’ Road Course
The following structured races are scheduled.

Doors open at 5pm for practice
At 7:00 we have the 7.0 Breakout
At 8:00 we have our IROC race (House Cars and Controller)
At 9:00 we have the 6.0 Breakout


1000’ Drag Strip
pm we have Test & Tune till 10pm. $5 With your own cars
Rental drag cars are available for $2.50 per 15 minutes.

Breakout Rules:
Any car, any motor, 4”, 4 1/2”, womp, or even scratch-built.
No wing bodies or added aerodynamics, W66 or Shockwave. Some low down force GTP are allowed in 7.0.
High Down force GTP are ok in 6.0.
Only requirement is standard tire width and clearance.
Be creative. We want to see some really cool cars. Build what you want to drive.
If you are building a non-standard slot car ask first.


Events calendar.

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Disclaimer: Race track is not really inside of a cave. Just fancy photo shop work :)