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Children’s Attention Home Annual Charity Race
April 1st 2017


Click here for our PDF flier.

Special Thanks to our 2017 Sponsors
Appliance GuyZ
O’Reilly Auto Parts
Penn Station
Beach Customs
Stroker Motorsports
Carolina V-Dubs
And all the Slot Car Cave Racers!

Saturday, April 1st:
12:00 - 4:00 PM -
Rotating times for Rental Cars & Racer Practice. This will be a great time to try out our rental cars for only $5.
Hot Dogs & Hamburgers will be available at noon.
4:00 Heat races begin.
    If 15 or less entries, heat race will be a single round robin. Top 8 make Main Event.
     16-23 will be two separate round robin races. Top 4 from each Heat and best legal lap not already in the main.
     24-31 will be three separate round robin races. Top 3 from each Heat will make the Main Event.

Rules for 7 second breakout:
-Car must not go faster than a 7 second lap. Example: If you run a 6.9 second lap, that lap will not count & that time will be add to your next lap.
-Any 4” car, any motor, Only a 4” chassis will be allowed scratch-built is ok.Chassis must be able to accept a 4” lexan body.
-No wing bodies or added aerodynamics, W66, Shockwave, GTP or similar high down force bodies. Ask if you are unsure.
-Only requirement is standard tire tech tool width and clearance.
-Racer must start and finish race with same chassis and body.
-No 60 second pit passes will be allowed.
-Be creative. We want to see some really cool cars. Build what you want to drive.
-If you are building a non-standard slot car ask first.
-No monitors will be on.
-The Main Event will be ran with the secret undisclosed Custom Painted  body. The bodies are being painted by Beach Customs under top secret  conditions!

Awards for Main Event only:
1st - 3rd Trophies, Dash Plaques, and Custom Event Body.
4th - 8th Dash Plaques, and Custom Event Body.
Other awards may be added as we get closer to the race.

Required Race entry fee will be $10. Anything over that would be greatly appreciated since all 100% of the money will go to the Children's  Attention Home.
Donations can be made by Paypal to
A limited number of T-Shirts are being produced. If you would like one email me or send me a message via facebook.

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Disclaimer: Race track is not really inside of a cave. Just fancy photo shop work :)